About P2i

Founders of P2i, Rob Harper and Marni Wood have almost 3 decades of combined insurance defense experience.  Their law enforcement and investigative backgrounds in the public and private sector paved the way for their success in the Insurance Defense industry. Our past clients include insurance carriers, third party administrators, employers and self insured/self-administered entities.  While we specialize in workers’ compensation, we have experience working with all lines of insurance. Our license is reciprocal with the following states: Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Oregon and North Carolina.

Rob Harper began his career in the insurance defense industry in 1999. Over 15 years, Rob developed and grew a successful surveillance program that existed as 72% of the overall business model.  He authored and trademarked ‘3iD’ ©, the industry’s published works on properly identifying an investigated subject.  Rob is retired law enforcement, has been in the insurance defense industry for over 21 years and most recently has experience with investigating white collar crime in the retail industry, accounting for 20+ prosecutions.  Rob is a professional race car driver and on his off days, you can find him defending his 2018 National Championship Title with the United States Touring Car Championship.

Marni Wood began her career in the insurance defense industry in 2011. Marni built a reputation with District Attorneys throughout California for directing the “Best SIU” in the Workers’ Compensation industry. In just under 9 years, Marni and her SIU team were responsible for 95 convictions, 138 arrests, almost $1.5 million in restitution and won 2/2 criminal jury trials. Prior to insurance defense, Marni worked in law enforcement and risk management in the public and private sector. Marni is a published author in an academic journal on topics pertaining to the criminal justice system and presented her findings to Chief Academic Officers throughout the nation. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring the outdoors and tending to her urban farm.

P2i cares about our clients and employees.  P2i offers industry leading salaries, a flexible work schedule and remote positions. Our belief is that “you never work a day in your life when you are passionate about what you do.” Employees receive on the job continuous training/education and are recognized for the successful outcomes of investigations. Check out our careers page.

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