Field Investigations

General Liability
Witness Statements
Scene Inspections
Alive and Well Checks
Clinic Inspections

P2i’s field team is the best in the industry. P2i hires experienced field investigators that cover all lines of insurance.  Many of these investigators have a colorful claim’s investigation history and/or a legal/law enforcement/military background.  They have been instrumental in successes relative to denial of claims, no industrial causation, reduction in apportionment/PD, backdating of unwarranted benefits, arrests, prosecutions, restitution and reduced settlements, to name a few.

What else makes P2i’s field team so successful?  P2i conducts a preliminary database check and cursory social networking on every investigation.  This gives insight into the investigation before we go out into the field so that we are more prepared than any other firm out there.

Please contact us to discuss how we can assist you with our experienced, results driven team.