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P2i’s founder(s) have the reputation for having run the “Best SIU” in the industry, as referenced by several prosecutors throughout the State of California.  P2i provides strategic partnerships that result in significant cost savings for claims as well as arrests, prosecutions and restitution.  P2i ensures that our clients are in compliance with the CA Department of Insurance regulations. Marni has attended the Fraud Assessment Commission meetings since 2011 and is involved with the proposed 2020 DOI regulations that will impact our industry. By staying current on state insurance fraud reporting regulations, we ensure that our clients are compliant with their fraud reporting obligations.

P2i hires experienced SIU staff to ensure that the quality of our work product is unmatched in the industry.  P2i’s staff will have SIU experience, law enforcement and/or field experience and knowledge of claims.  P2i will give you options for claim mitigation, building an SIU case and the cost/benefit to both scenarios depending on the strength of the case. We also include a database and cursory social networking check as part of every SIU investigation.  P2i cares about our clients and the end result. We are always happy to tailor our client’s specific needs to any case/update/strategy.  

If and when a fraud referral is warranted, P2i will further strategize the claim and communicate with law enforcement so that our clients always know exactly where the case stands.

Please contact us to discuss how we can assist you with our experienced, results driven team.