The Solution: P2i ORC Support

P2i has developed California’s only large-scale private ORC abatement task force to support our client’s
existing Asset Protection teams. We perform the tasks that are typically prohibited by our clients’
policies and procedure:

  • Stationary Parking-lot Surveillance
  • Mobile Surveillance
  • Discreet Follow-Away
  • DMV Support: License Plate, ANI
  • LE Traffic Stop Support
  • Fencing Location Investigation
  • Fencing Location Surveillance
  • Law Enforcement Liaison
  • OSINT Investigations
  • Arrest Teams*
  • Expert Witness/Court Testimony
  • Criminal Investigation – full documented referral to DA

P2i is a fully licensed private investigative company who employs highly trained agents, most of whom
are former law enforcement, possessing decades of experience in the high-risk tasks often prohibited by
the retail client. We can support the retail Market Investigations teams or initiate a full ORC
investigation, case by case. P2i provides a rapid-response approach to your Organized Retail Criminal
threats and we understand the delicate nature of preserving your brands reputation.

* Arrest Teams: this product is a strategic collaboration with the client and only available upon consult.

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