“On Demand” Surveillance
Activity Checks
Remote Surveillance

P2i provides many options outside of the standard industry surveillance with only the most experienced investigators to guarantee results.  Our investigators have been in the industry and have a proven track record of surveillance successes.  Our surveillance investigators are often retired law enforcement and/or have a military background. 

P2i is innovative in the surveillance industry, providing “On Demand” surveillance where our clients can log in and view the claimant’s activity live.

P2i includes a database check, preliminary social networking and DMV inquiry on every surveillance case.  We also leverage various databases to ensure a surveillance set up that is successful.

P2i ensures that the person filmed is the claimant.  P2i created the 3id criteria used to properly identify the claimant. The method of 3id differentiates P2i from other companies because we have created an identification system that creates minimal to no room for error. Our clients will receive same day updates and we can tailor those updates to your specific needs (email/text/phone call).

Please contact us to discuss how we can assist you with our experienced, results driven team.